【Consumer Council】The Wrong Shampoo can cause Inflammation? What is Transdermal Toxicity? Itchy Skin and Rash

Allergenic MIT」

Many people pay attention to hygiene when washing their hair with shampoo every day. 60 shampoos were tested and 12 shampoos with allergenic preservatives MIT and/or CMIT and one contained free formaldehyde, all of which may cause dermatitis according to the Consumer Council.

「Itchy Skin and Rash

Dermatologist Chen Houyi, pointed out that there was little chance of severe allergic reactions due to the short period of time that shampoo has contact with the skin. However, CMIT and MIT can cause skin itching and rashes. It can cause sensitive contact dermatitis for severe cases.

「What is Transdermal Toxicity?」

A chemical poison that enters the human body through the skin can cause cell pathology and cancer.  More than 90% of the toxins we eat can be decomposed by our liver.  Part of the toxins that enter the body through the skin can be stored in the subcutaneous tissues, but most of them entering the body through the blood and lymph fluid in the subcutaneous tissues form “transdermal toxins”  which causes skin redness and itching, allergies, pimples, acne, and (in mend) the number of sperm count to drop sharply. 

Chemicals Detoxification with Apple Pectin

Pectin molecules are composed of negatively charged ions which allows them to bind with the positively charged ions of heavy metals and radiation and then eliminated from the body.  This process is called “Natural Chelation”.  

Coupled with the conversion of apple pectin into butyrate, it helps to reduce inflammation, reduce skin allergic reactions, and protect your health.

Apple Pectin
(Between apple skin and pulp)

蘋果果膠-apple pectin

Apple Pectin External Application :Effectively Eliminate Skin Inflammation

 In addition to “internal use”, apple pectin also comes with “external applications”, which can effectively reduce inflammation and swelling of the swollen and inflamed affected area/ulcer wound while reducing pain and itching.  Pectin covers the affected area/wound in a gel form for protection layer which can effectively block the stimulation of external toxins and accelerate wound healing.  Apple pectin helps to improve affected areas/wounds and accelerate wound healing through natural chelation.

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