3 Hyper Maintenance

( Blood Sugar, Blood Lipid, Blood Pressure)

Nature’s sweet choice for glucose regulation

Why should we pay attention to Three-Hypers Series health problem?

The 3 Health Highs are the root causes to many chronic illnesses – with diabetes being one of the most concerning. The inability for one to regulate one’s glucose level, diabetes is a disease which affects millions worldwide. Apple pectin has been recognized to naturally improve blood sugar levels in order to prevent complications associated with diabetes such as kidney disease, heart disease and diabetic retinopathy. ProPectin’s pharmaceutical grade nano-powder is water soluble, convenient, and a great alternative to remedy a common disease in a non-traditional way.

血糖-Blood Glucose-血脂-Blood Lipid

Three-Hypers Series – Blood Glucose

Diabetes is a chronic disease with metabolic disorders. When we eat carbohydrates (including sugar, starch, etc.), it will become glucose after digestion, absorbed by the small intestine into the blood circulation system and become blood sugar.

The pancreas secretes insulin to help blood sugar enter the cells for use. When the body's insulin secretion is insufficient or the body cannot use the insulin produced, blood sugar will rise.

Three-Hypers Series –
Blood Lipid / Blood Pressure

The body cannot metabolize excess glucose, therefore it will combine with proteins to produce glycosylation end products (AGEs). AGE end products can affect the protein tissues of blood vessels.

Once glycosylation occurs, the blood vessel walls are prone to inflamation. LDL continuously sends cholesterol to tissues, thereby over-synthesizing and repairing cell membranes, resulting in excessive low-density lipoprotein (LDL) remaining in the vascular walls. Cholesterol deposited on the vascular walls will form plaques after oxidation, causing vascular obstruction, high blood lipids and high blood pressure.

How to improve Blood Sugar/Glucose Levels?

Apple pectin can effectively improve blood sugar levels and protect your body from diabetes related complications, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetic foot.

Apple pectin turns into a gel in the your gastrointestinal tract in the presence of water, thereby preventing fluctuations and sudden increases in blood sugar and insulin caused by diabetes.

心臟健康-Heart health-心血管-Cardiovascular

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Apple pectin is converted to butyrate by bacteria in the large intestine which effectively inhibits the secretion of histone deacetylase (HDAC) from brain astrocytes and acts as a histone deacetylase inhibitor (HDACi), reduces inflammation chemokines, and activates the proliferation of probiotics in the body. It effectively prevents and improves the symptoms of eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, and gout uric acid.

柏沛樂蘋果果膠-propectin apple pectin

ProPectin Apple Pectin

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7 and 14 days Meal Replacement Package

Impacts of High Blood Glucose

*Cerebrovascular Disease

*Cardiovascular Disease / Heart Disease

*Diabetes Mellitus

*Diabetic Foot / Diabetic Neuropathy

*Diabetic Retinopathy

*Kidney Disease

*Neurological Disorders

Quick Q+A

Apple pectin has the ability to block carbohydrate absorption and helps maintain blood sugar levels. Bound to the pectin, sugars are kept in the gut and are blocked from absorption by the body. They are then naturally excreted from the body.

Bile acids get linked to apple pectin and are bound, absorbed and excreted through the bowels. This causes synthesis of bile acids which leads to an increase in fat metabolism, effective reduction in overall cholesterol, LDL and restores the lipid balance.