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20200901 - Operation Smile
Michael Nobel
“I am endorsing ProPectin because research shows it can substantially reduce the amounts of radionuclides such as Cesium-137 and heavy metals in the human body.”
Professor Dr Michael Nobel
Chairman of the Nobel Substainable
Trust Foundation
Apples on the Chair
1 Sachet = 9 Apples
Simple yet powerful

ProPectin Life Support for your Health Needs

Our passion is to help you meet your health goals and maintain your overall wellness – the natural way.

Achieve your optimal health through a daily detox regimen.
蘋果果膠-Apple Pectin-排毒療程-Detox Regimen
ProPectin-Health Center

ProPectin Health Center (PHC) is a platform dedicated to promote preventative healthcare in order to achieve optimal well-being.  Our services help to build a stronger body by healing through intelligence and education.  Our team of nutritionist will help you find a health regimen for your needs. 

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