[Anti-Epidemic Battle] 3 Essential Treasures for Epidemic Prevention

There are more and more confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia. Everyone has tried to minimize community activities by not going out. However, the spread of viruses and bacteria is invisible and hard to prevent. Apart from washing your hands frequently and wearing a mask, are there no other ways to prevent it? In fact, enhancing your own immune system is the most important step. Nutrition Consultant Andy Ma, recommends maintaining good immunity through the absorption of different nutrients. As long as you are strong, healthy, and able to enhance your immune system, you will be able to face any diseases.

1 Piece a Day: Black Garlic

Black garlic is a natural bactericide. Its antioxidant capacity is increased dozens of times upon production through multiple processes.  One piece of black garlic rich in allicin, disulfide and trisulfide a day, it can significantly improve the phagocytic function of macrophages and enhance the immune system.  Allicin has the function of activating cell membranes and can improve its permeability.   The immunity system will be enhanced after cell metabolism and vitality are improved.

抗組織胺食物-antihistamine food-抗組織胺-antihistamine

1 Cup before BedTomato Juice

Lycopene contained in tomato is the strongest antioxidant among all carotenoids. It can prevent cells and DNA from being damaged. It can also activate immune cells, improve immunity and reduce the risk of disease. One cup of tomato juice every night before bed can help produce “melanotropin” and prolong the duration of sleep. Sufficient sleep can help strengthen the body’s immunity.

提升免疫力-boost immune system-增加免疫力食物-Foods That Boost the Immune System

1 Sachet before BedApple Pectin

Apple pectin is a powerful prebiotic which activates the probiotics in the body and is converted into butyrate by intestinal bacteria, thereby inhibiting the secretion of histone deacetylase (HDAC) by the astrocytes of the brain, acting as histone deacetylase inhibitor (HDACi).  It can be used as an immunomodulator.  A sachet of apple pectin before each meal can reduce inflammatory chemokines.  Studies have showed that it can strengthen the immune system and prevent viral infections.

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