Fukushima began to discharge radiation water! The radiation of marine fish exceeds the standard by 180 times…

Many Hong Kong people enjoy eating Japanese food, such as sashimi, vegetables and fruits, and wagyu beef. The Japanese government recently officially announced that they will discharge over 1.25 million tons of nuclear waste water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the ocean. Some nuclear experts have pointed out that if the nuclear waste water is discharged into the ocean without effective filtration, some radioactive substances may be absorbed by the hu-man body and “bone-in”, remaining in the body for about 18 years.

【Diabetes】Even breathing causes diabetes? The relationship between insulin, blood sugar and diabetes!

Research studies have shown that PM2.5 concentrations of the roadside air quality monitoring station at Causeway Bay and Tung Chung have soared and reached 78.2 micrograms/m3, exceeding the EPA’s average daily standard of 75 micrograms/m3 and more than twice the WHO standard. It is in an “unhealthy” level. People with respiratory diseases are more likely to have more serious health problems.

【Secret】 3 kinds of anti-inflammatory diet! Reduce skin sensitivity problems

More and more people are facing skin sensitivity problems. There are many reasons for skin allergies. It may be due to endocrine disorders that reduce skin repairing functions. The pollen, chemical agents, allergen foods (such as wheat gluten, shellfish, and nightshade foods) can also cause inflammation of the skin, such as itching, rashes, and peeling. Nutrition Consultant Andy Ma, has suggested 3 anti-inflammatory diets to remove the free radicals that cause inflammation in the body and reduce allergic reactions.

God’s pharmacy provides Apples but not medicine! Apple pectin with precious nutritional value!

As the saying goes: walnuts nourish the brain, tomatoes nourish the heart, carrots nourish the eyes. Fruits and vegetables are what we eat every day. However, have you ever noticed that these vegetables and fruits are excellent choices as nutrient supplements for the corresponding organs? “What shall we eat to compensate?” makes sense. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” So what magical power does the apple have? What organ does it provide nutritional supplements for?

[Anti-Epidemic Battle] 3 Essential Treasures for Epidemic Prevention – improve your immune system

There are more and more confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia. Everyone has tried to minimize community activities by not going out. However, the spread of viruses and bacteria is invisible and hard to prevent. Apart from washing your hands frequently and wearing a mask, are there no other ways to prevent it? In fact, enhancing your own immune system is the most important step. Nutrition Consultant Andy Ma, recommends maintaining good immunity through the absorption of different nutrients. As long as you are strong, healthy, and able to enhance your immune system, you will be able to face any diseases.

Broccoli will actually increase your blood pressure?

「Lead to High Blood Pressure 」 Professor Huang Huan Zhong of the Hong Kong Baptist University pointed out that 11 samples exceeded the standard according to the Codex Alimentarius, the European Union and Australia which allowed only 0.1 to 0.3 parts per million. This indicates that there is a vegetable safety issues. Excessive intake of […]

Pay attention to joint pain

Andy Ma – Nutritionist❖ Nutritionist of Global Trend Alliance Limited❖ Vice Chairman of Public Nutrition Development Association Limited❖ Founder of Inflammation Secrets❖ Over 8 years of professional clinical experience❖ Interviewed by various media, such as “fantastic tv”, “Eat and Travel Weekly”, “Metro Showbiz 99.7 FM”etc “Arthritis” is the most common joint disease in the world […]

You will be inflamed after taking corn oil and canola oil?

「Corn Oil makes you inflamed 」 Liang Li Guo, associate professor of food nutrition at the School of Life Sciences at Chinese University said that vegetable oils made under high temperature become unstable after heating. Aldoxime compounds (Aldehydes) will be released which led to high blood pressure, autoimmunity, arthritis, and even cancer. 「Easily get cardiovascular […]

The best choice for cardiovascular disease

「Taking a piecemeal approach will solve the problem? 」 In fact, you know if your heart is healthy as long as you play attention to your body condition. Nose The nose is hard which indicates excessive fat accumulated in your heart. If the tip of the nose is swollen, it means that fat in your […]