Healthy Recipes: Iberico Ham with Egg Soup

Ingredients ProPectin (2 sachets) Room temperature water (400ml) Boiled egg (1pc) Iberico ham (4 slices) Instructions Place the egg in room temperature water and simmer for 7 minutes until fully cooked Let the egg cool in ice for 5 minutes, peel and cut in half Mix ProPectin with 400ml of room temperature water to prepare […]

Healthy Recipes: Buckwheat Tomato Salad

Ingredients ProPectin (1 sachet) Room temperature water (150ml) Organic Gold and Red Buckwheat (10g each) Mixed Vegetable Salad (50g) Cherry tomatoes (5 pcs) Instructions Add 1 pack of ProPectin with 150ml of room temperature water and stir into an apple dressing Wash the buckwheat, simmer for 1 minute, and cool Wash the salad, remove excess […]

Healthy Recipes: Summer Mixed Berry + Apple Smoothie

Ingredients ProPectin (1 sachet) Room temperature water (150g) Low fat yogurt (60g) Blackberries (10 pcs) Blueberries (4 pcs) Strawberries (6 pcs) Raspberries (6 pcs) Ice (half a cup) Instructions Add all berries, 1 sachet of ProPectin, 150ml of water, yogurt and half a cup of ice into a blender and mix for 30-45 seconds

Healthy Recipes: Apple Jelly

Ingredients ProPectin (1 sachet) Apple (2 pcs) Cinnamon Powder (1 teaspoon) Instructions Wash, clean, dry, and cut apple into small pieces Use a grinder to grind apples Filter out apple juice with a strainer Add ProPectin to the apple juice and gently stir Pour the mixed apple juice back into the puree, mix well, and […]

Healthy Recipes: Apple Puree

Ingredients ProPectin (1 sachet) Green Apple Juice (200g) Gelatin 8g Instructions Soak gelatin in ice water Heat 30g of green apple juice and add gelatin Stir green apple juice and gelatin mixing in 1 sachet of ProPectin Place in refrigerator for 2 hours

Healthy Recipes: Apple Soda

Ingredients ProPectin (1 sachet) Green Apple Juice (200g) Soda Water (200g) Instructions Mix green apple juice with 1 packet of ProPectin Add the soda water and gently stir