Optimize Cells to Optimize your health

Cellular Screening Test

Studies have found that only 8% of our health is gene related while 47% is environmental and 45% is diet and emotions related.  With environmental and diet factors having the greatest influence on gene expression it is essential to generate optimized cells as it has a significant effect on optimizing body functions. 

When one’s health is below optimal level individuals will begin experiencing the lack of energy, reduced sleep quality, lowered immunity, inattention, irritability, body pain, delayed recovery, and a tendency to be easily injured.  While long-term health issues will lead to chronic diseases. 

cellular health-Cellular Screening
Suboptimal health
Chronic diseases

Cellular Screening Analysis

Utilizing German Bioresonance Technology, our team will analyse a few strands of hair with the root intact and a health analysis to be provided within 30 minutes.  A 90 day nutritional report will be tailor-made according to the specific epigenetic needs – streamlining to boost the immune system and cellular functions while removing toxins (2 reports provided). 

Report Analysis: Help Optimize your Health

  • Report 1:   In order to thoroughly understand resistance levels and environmental factors affecting health, the elements that impact the immune system and cellular health will be addressed in the Cell Well-Being Screening Report.


  • Report 2:  A 90-days nutritional report based on the test results will be tailor-made by our professional nutritionists to enhance your immunity and cellular function. 
Body health


  • The resistance to pathogens such as Post Viruses, Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi,  and Molds/Spores will be assessed and analyzed.
  • Antioxidant indicators and the nutrient status of the body will be detected and analyzed to check if it is sufficient to support the immunity against pathogens.


Daily exposure to radiation pollution comes in various forms.  The common types of low-frequency radiation interference ranges from:  Wi-Fi, TV, mobile phones, nuclear radiation, and toxic heavy metals.  The Cell Well-Being data gathered will detect and analyse the common elements which often time leads to fatigue, depression, insomnia, hormonal disorders, and even dermatitis.    


      Based on the test results in the past, it is found that most of the health concerns are mainly derived from the following:


Heavy metal toxins, chemical toxins, residual pesticides, and radiation which accumulate in the body inhibit normal detoxification and are the main causes of physical discomfort.


Emotional fluctuations and long-term stress reflect the imbalance of the physiological status of the body.


Hormonal fluctuation and internal inflammation are exacerbated when the endocrine system is imbalanced. 

「Macronutrient Metabolism」


  • Difficulty for the body to break down the protein in food into essential amino acids that can be used for cell and muscle formation is indicated.

Carbohydrates (Sugar)

  • Excessive insulin secretion and decreased digestive enzymes due to increased consumption of carbohydrate may influence carbohydrate metabolism.

Lipids (Fat)

  • Excessive accumulation of fats within the organs caused by abnormal lipid metabolism increases the chance of internal inflammation.

「Nutrient Deficiency」

Deficiencies of Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Essential Fatty Acids and Probiotics are mainly detected in nutrients. The absorption rate is related to its bioavailability status and underlying chemical mechanisms.

The test results are for reference only, not for diagnosis or treatment purpose.