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Why the elimination of heavy metal toxins is important for the skin?

What is "transdermal poison"?

化妝品重金屬-cosmetic chemicals-重金屬-Heavy metals

Transdermal poison is a chemical toxin that enters the body through the skin and then diffuses and accumulates through the blood and lymph fluid.

Personal hygiene products leave behind residue and chemicals that may impair the skin’s natural protective ability to self-repair and detox. Heavy metal and toxin accumulations start from the outside affecting our largest organ – our skin. Apple pectin harnesses nature’s gentle ability to powerfully eliminate heavy metals from the body – working from the inside out...

排毒-Detox-皮膚敏感-skin allergy

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Apple pectin can remove toxins such as heavy metals from the body to improve skin conditions by reducing pigmentation and dull complexion. The water-soluble fiber in apple pectin can also enhance lipid metabolism, balance oil secretion, reduce acne, and skin allergies.

Developed by scientist, ProPectin is a water-soluble nano-powder that is refined by six patented technologies and can directly enter the blood stream.


柏沛樂蘋果果膠-propectin apple pectin

ProPectin Apple Pectin

Poor skin quality

When using skin care products or cosmetics containing fluorescent agents and mercury; heavy metals accumulate deep in the skin resulting in uneven skin tone and the synthesis of pigmentation.


*Dull Complexion

*Uneven / Excess Oil Secretion

*Dry and Rough Skin with Enlarged Pores

*Pigmentation, Dark Skin Tone, and Freckles

*Stagnation of Sebaceous Glands due to Local Hair Growth and Densification may cause Body Odor

*Skin Conditions like Eczema may be caused by the Influence on Intestinal Health

*Acne, Blackheads, Pimples

Quick Q+A


ProPectin has developed a six patented technology water-soluble nano-powder apple pectin which can directly enter into the bloodstream and intestine for chelation.  Natural chelation occurs when the anions (-) of pectin combine with the cations (+) of heavy metals in the blood thereby removing the toxins from the body through defecation. 

Follow the instructions and the recommended daily dosage.  Be sure to keep up your water intake.  As an alternative to mixing it with water, ProPectin can also be blended into a smoothie to create a tasty nutrient rich drink.