Eczema! The perfect solution for your baby

The enemy of white and tender skin of infants and young children is eczema. Eczema is a chronic dermatitis, also known as atopic dermatitis. It is a common skin problem which plagues many infants and young children and even adults.

「One out of Four has Eczema

Referred to the data collected from the hospital, around one out of every four newborn babies currently suffer from eczema. Eczema symptoms has been found in some infants two weeks after birth. In recent years, the medical community has expressed the opinion that eczema is caused by a disorder of the skin barrier function, meaning that the skin barrier cannot resist external stimuli.

「Avoid steroids

Doctors prescribe different levels of steroids depending on the patient’s situation. It is indeed required to apply steroids for anti-inflammatory in order to stabilize the skin problem. However, the skin becomes thinner and the microfilaments appear after applying steroids. Or side effect happens when largely applied on the body to arouse high blood sugar level and high blood pressure. In severe cases, six to seventy percent of the skin may have “erythrocutaneous disease”, which may cause dehydration of the skin and allow bacteria to invade.

「Eczema affects IQ

Ma Yuan, vice chairman of the Public Nutrition Development Association has pointed out that it is a generalized problem when Eczema seriously happened on children. The impact is not only on the skin but also Psychology and emotion. The situation cannot be ignored. In particular, the infantile eczema, it may affect the learning ability and growth of children if not well handled.

「Eczema: inflammatory response

The cause of eczema is mainly due to environmental pollution, chemical stimulation and heavy metals. All these can cause inflammation. When the immune system is overreacted and manifests on the skin, many patients may scratch the skin due to itching turns out to be bacterial infection, long-term redness, thickening of the scar and bleeding.

「Apple Pectin helps

Apple pectin is the fiber between apple skin and pulp. Referred to 2009 New York Academy of Sciences Annual Report, 615 children in Belarus took 10 grams of apple pectin daily for 3 weeks helped to reduce the toxic substance such as (Caesium-137) and heavy metals up to 64%. Apple pectin contains negative charge (-) which can be combined with positively charged (+) heavy metals and chemical toxic substances and excreted from the body thru a chelation process.

「Eliminate inflammation

According to a group of scholars at the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany, the human small intestine cannot digest apple pectin. Apple pectin can be digested by he bacteria in the large intestine and converted to butyrate. Butyrate can inhibit HDAC in cancer cells, effectively eliminate inflammation, improve infantile eczema, regulate the autoimmune system and prevent immune allergy.

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