Rita .HongKong

Consume 3 sachets of ProPectin daily

Before consuming ProPectin:

Rita started to have eczema 2 years ago. In the beginning, it was not very serious, so she ignored it. However, it became more and more serious. The whole neck was red, and she could not sleep well. She tried many health products, but none of them can help her.

After Consuming ProPectin:

She consumed 2 to 3 bags daily after her friend introduced ProPectin to her. Her itching was relieved and the quality of sleep was improved. She found that she was almost recovered from eczema unconsciously. When she was suffering from eczema, she just put her hair down to cover it, she was afraid of scars and worried that her husband would dislike it. Now, there is no problem to expose her neck and she is willing to recommend this good product to her friends – to improve skin problems and help them to become more beautiful.