Excessive Heavy Metals (Arsenic)

Ms Li Wumei . 61 Years Old China, GuangdongStarted

taking 2-3 sachets of ProPectin per day, and after 2 days increased to 8-10 sachets per day. Consumed for a total of 16 days

Before consuming ProPectin:

Has not been feeling well, Ms Li went for a body check-up at the hospital and was informed that she had an excess amount of arsenic in her body. She then found out that the pressure cooker which she had used for 10 years was certified below standard by the government. Unknowingly, she had developed symptoms of heavy metal (arsenic) poisoning.

After consuming ProPectin:

On the day of the check-up, Ms Li was introduced to ProPectin by a friend and she started by taking 2-3 sachets per day. Thereafter, the report she received from the hospital revealed that the arsenic composition had nearly doubled from the optimal level. She then increased ProPectin intake to 8-10 sachets every day. After 2 weeks, she went for the check-up again and the results returned a significant decrease of arsenic poisoning from a level of 3.3 to 0.2 (the optimal level is at 1.9 mol/1L).