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Apple pectin is safe for children and was used to eliminate radioactive substances from children who were victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Its sweet taste and easy digestibility make it pleasant for children to take. For pregnant women it helps provide a safe and clean environment for the fetus to grow. Women who regularly consume ProPectin prior to conception were reported to be healthier and were able to provide a toxin-free womb when they conceived.

Yes. ProPectin is gluten free.

Yes. ProPectin is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

ProPectin is made from Bulgaria.

Yes. ProPectin’s factory is registered under FDA Registered Facility.

ProPectin is the only product with “pharmaceutical-grade” pectin owing to its high concentration of active compound – D-Galacturonic acid. It is the only product that can provide a daily dose of 9 grams per day of high grade pectin. To maintain pectin’s effectiveness, we use our patented 6 step refinement process. This creates the only available pectin product that is 100% soluble and results in significantly higher absorption by the body.

ProPectin has developed six-step patented technologies to produce water-soluble apple pectin nano-powder, which can be infiltrated into the blood through the intestine for chelation. Heavy metal with cation (positive), apple pectin is anion (negative), after the ProPectin enters the blood, through chelation, positive and negative phase suction, the heavy metal toxin is discharged from the body through the excrement.

Apples are excellent as part of a healthy, well-rounded diet. However, the amount of pectin needed for detoxification purposes is higher than the amount of pectin a person can ingest through eating alone. To get 9 grams of apple pectin daily, a person would need to eat 27 apples a day!

ProPectin’s fructose level is half that of a single apple. ProPectin contains 10 grams pharmaceutical-grade fructose (fruit sugar) per sachet. One regular apple contains around 20 grams of fructose.

Apple pectin has the ability to block carbohydrate absorption and helps maintain blood sugar levels. Bound to the pectin, sugars are kept in the gut and are blocked from absorption by the body. They are then naturally excreted from the body.

Bile acids get linked to apple pectin and are bound, absorbed and excreted through the bowels. This causes synthesis of bile acids which leads to an increase in fat metabolism, effective reduction in overall cholesterol, LDL and restores the lipid balance.

Follow the instructions and the recommended daily dosage, and be sure to keep up your water intake. As an alternative to mixing it with water, ProPectin can also be blended into a smoothie to create a tasty nutrient rich drink.

The strongest recommendation for ProPectin is the personal experience of the many people who have found it helpful. Apart from a general feeling of improved wellbeing, you can schedule tests for heavy metals and radiation before and after use to prove the effects on your body. Once you have real evidence of what ProPectin is doing for you, please recommend it to your loved ones and help us spread the word to others.

Yes there is! Please see our page dedicated to the Scientific studies behind ProPectin here.

Please contact us for any additional inquiries or schedule an appointment w one of our in-house nutritionals to make sure ProPectin is suitable for you.

Please contact us for immediate assistance


It is recommended to take 1 packet of Santong 1-3 times a day. To prepare, stir the package’s contents evenly into half a cup (approximately 80ml) of warm boiled water. Santong is safe to consume continuously for up to 3 months or more.

Santong is suitable for individuals who are rehabilitating from percutaneous coronary intervention (or stent operation). However it is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and individuals who show signs of a fever.

Protein peptides found in crocodile placenta complemented with ginseng essence are key ingredients found in Santong. Both elements aid in strengthening and repairing the heart to maintain its daily functions.


The amino acid calcium of Qianggutai is patented in Hong Kong
and China. Clinical research shows individuals who have taken
Qinanggutai daily for 5 consecutive weeks experienced reduced
pain and increased joint flexibility.

Qianggutai aids in reducing pain caused by Akylosing Spondylitis, Degenerative, Rheumatoid, and Gout arthritis.

A collaborative study conducted by Hong Kong Polytechnic
University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and The Prince of
Wales Hospital in Hong Kong indicated that the placenta extracted
from crocodile eggs can provide the following benefits:

• Enhanced immunity
• Accelerates recovery
• Stimulate chondrocytes to synthesize Type II collagen
• Inhibit bone decomposition and prevent the loss of calcium
• Eliminates aseptic inflammation of soft tissues, muscles, and tendons

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Start earning rewards with each purchase you make.  Learn more about our VIP rewards program today.

Start earning rewards with each purchase you make.  Learn more about our rewards program today.

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