Kaiser· Hong Kong · 47 Years Old

Consumed ProPectin since December 2015

Dosage: 2-3 sachets every day

Before consuming ProPectin:

Enjoyed eating animal plucks, beef offal, yakitoui, seafoods, and street foods. Due to suffering from gout and high uric acid, would feel immediate pain in the foot after eating these foods. Unable to quit eating these delicious foods, often consume the foods and doctor prescribed inflammatory drugs at the same time.

After consuming ProPectin:

4 days after taking ProPectin, I still felt foot pain after eating beef offal, so I had to rely on my painkiller. Afterwards, I increased ProPectin intake to 2-3 sachets per day, and after 10 days, I went for a Spicy Hot Pot. 10 hours later, my gout was triggered but this time, I did not take the painkiller but instead I consumed Apple ProPectin. 3 hours later, I was no longer felt any more pain. To test the effectiveness of ProPectin, in the short span of 2 weeks, I had two sessions of hot pot and one session of Korean BBQ. I would take 1 sachet of ProPectin before meal and when my gout is triggered, I would take 1 more sachet. The effect is immediate. The pain is further reduced when I eat 1 more sachets 5-6 hours later.

Body response during consumption:The doctor told me that gout is untreatable. The only way was for me to quit having my favorite foods. I am really feeling very happy right now because while continuing to feast on my favorite foods, I no longer need to rely on western medicine to control my gout. Furthermore, my defecation has also been smooth.