I spent 2 years trying to determine the cause of my discomforts – which in the end was diagnosed as Wilson’s Disease.  My body lacked the ability to expel heavy metals leaving me fatigued and at times unable to walk.  I began taking medication; bearing the side effects to my liver and kidney.  ProPectin was recommended to me by a friend.  I started taking 3 packets a day; after 7 days I noticed improvements to my ailments and eventually increased my intake to 5 packets.  I began to notice my defecation was very dark and had a severe stench – my body’s elimination of the toxins which I was once not able to expel.

After 4 weeks, I felt the pain being alleviated and I was even able to walk again.  Though I am predisposed this Wilson’s Disease, ProPectin has enabled me to resume my career and most importantly my life!  It has given me a 2nd chance!