In 2003 I was diagnosed with SARS during the outbreak; I was later found to be misdiagnosed and it ended up being severe liver damage instead.  At the time, my remaining healthy liver was only the size of a coin.  My doctor used 300 syringes to extract pustules from my liver due to the inflammation.  The severe pain impacted my daily life and in 2008 I fell down the stairs injuring my tailbone – causing gatism.

I ended up wheelchair bound.  At the same time, I was facing issues concerning fatty liver cholesterol, blood lipids, hyperuricemia, and high glycemic indexes.  In early 2017, I began taking ProPectin and noticed the strong foul odor in my bowels.   However, after the first few days I no longer felt my body ache and my visceral adiposity index returned to normal.  My doctors were shocked with my positive results – just as I was.