The World’s Only Portable
Cardiovascular Measuring Instrument


The World’s Only Portable Cardiovascular Measuring Instrument

PASESA is the world’s only portable cardiovascular measuring instrument - fully automatic and efficient. By continually monitoring the stiffness of blood vessels in the heart, users are able to detect abnormal conditions in their cardiovascular systems to prevent related diseases such as stroke and myocardial infarction. If you have ever suffered from cardiovascular diseases, PASESA can help protect you from relapse and measure the effectiveness of treatments - properly safeguarding you. The instrument was invented by the premier Japanese medical research institute, the Datum Studio, which has multiple international patents. It detects the accuracy and effectiveness of AVI and API – key indexes in measuring cardiovascular conditions

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Early Treatment, Early Recovery

Pasesa - Portable Cardiovascular Measuring Instrument

PASESA possesses a medical measuring function which goes along with a 13 point patented technology from the US and Japan. It aims to help discover concealing cardiovascular diseases by doing a quick check on arteriosclerosis.  It is well-linked with charts and data in order to analyse the AVI & API indexes, blood pressure and pulse rate to maintain one’s health stability. 

Vascular obstruction

Clinical Screening

PASESA is commonly used in clinics and medical centres. It provides a quick cardiovascular screening for individuals who are at high risk or have abnormal conditions which can lead to early discovery, in order to, prevent interrelated diseases from derivation.

Heart health

Prevention from Critical Illness

Individuals with hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension stroke and cardiovascular diseases are able to monitor cardiovascular stiffness in advance to prevent critical illnesses such as stroke and heart disease.

high blood pressure

Medicine Evaluation

PASESA can protect individuals who have suffered from cardiovascular diseases such as a stroke and heart disease from relapsing by monitoring medicine efficacy and the progress of rehabilitation

Theory Of The Measurement

There is a significant association between arterial stiffness and cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, kidney failure and cerebral apoplexy. Vascular stiffness will increase with age, therefore continual monitoring is essential in discovering and preventing interrelated diseases. PASESA has the function of measuring AVI and API readings – the two key indexes in measuring cardiovascular stiffness and prevention of cardiovascular diseases

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Cardiovascular diseases


The AVI index is higher when the arteriosclerosis becomes more serious. Changes of pulse number and reflected wave caused by arteriosclerosis in the central artery can be shown by waveform analysis.  Therefore, the softer the blood vessels are, the lower the AVI index and vice versa.

The API index detects stiffness of axillary artery by taking in stiffness in the brachial artery. API serves as a monitor, the higher the stiffness, the higher the API index.  This occurs when specific pathologic factors such as high blood pressure and blood lipids lead to the rise in the stiffness of peripheral arteries.

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