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柏沛樂-Propectin-蘋果果膠-Apple Pectin


ProPectin is a water-soluble nano-powder – apple pectin - that is refined by a six step patented technology developed by scientist and can directly enter the blood stream.

Natural chelation occurs when the anions(-) of pectin combine with the cations (+) of heavy metals in the blood thereby removing the toxins from your body through defecation. ProPectin promotes chelation - improving skin conditions and reverses aging.

心血管硬化檢測儀-Cardiovascular Measuring Instrument-柏沛樂-Propectin


PASESA possesses a medical measuring function which goes along with a 13 point patented technology from the US and Japan. It aims to help discover concealing cardiovascular diseases by doing a quick check on arteriosclerosis. It is well-linked with charts and data in order to analyse the AVI & API indexes, blood pressure and pulse rate to maintain one’s health stability.