The truth behind the 311 Fukushima Meltdown! Hazards of Ionizing Radiation and Radiation Pollution

Fukushima Fighter

It has been 5 years since the 311 earthquake in Japan that led to the meltdown of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. The catastrophe caused much unrest amongst the locals, who feared for the contamination of the food supply. A Japanese TV host – Otsuka believed that the food was safe to consume to show his support for the area – Fukushima. He therefore consumed local vegetables that were radioactively contaminated (such as asparagus, tomato, vermicelli, etc dishes) on a television program. He later found a neck tumor and was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (commonly known as blood cancer), which was believed to have been caused by excessive body radiation. He is now hospitalized and being treated with chemotherapy. The result of Otsuka led many to question the safety of their food supple.

Radiation as immense as the East sea

Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture found locally grown rice in the Fukushima region to contain high levels of Cesium and have since banned the sale of the product. Japanese love their seafood, so there has been much precaution when dealing with the food supply;A kindergarten in Fukushima have taken precautionary measures to ensure the health of its students; outdoor play areas are now surrounded by radiation detectors to ensure the levels don’t exceed dangerous limits.

nuclear pollution-Radioactive contamination
Radiation Health Effects-radiation effects

Radiation is coming

The most common example of electromagnetic radiation is emitted by mobile phones. In general, radiation is divided into free radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Free radiation (such as nuclear power plants, nuclear reactors, medical X-ray inspection) refer to a shorter wavelength, high energy electromagnetic waves; Non-ionizing radiation (such as smart phones, tablet PCs, TV) refer to the long wavelength electromagnetic waves, because of its low energy. Free radiation is extremely hazardous to the human body due to it’s invisible and that the radioactive dust is extremely difficult to detect. The victim will unknowingly inhale large quantities of this dust.

Many people hold their phones close to their chest, in their shirt pocket or trouser pocket. Although we cannot see the electromagnetic waves, it is very much present. Prolong exposure will cause harms to the heart, abdominal organs, endocrine function, even the quantity of sperm count etc.

Electromagnetic radiation

Apple Pectin Can reduce the radiation

In the 18th century, a French chemist and pharmacist found the existence of pectin, which is Louis Nicolas Vauquelin, who found that apple pectin to contain great health benefits. Today, there are many authoritative research institutions that confirm this statement.

Apple pectin can clear the body of heavy metals and radiation pollution. From 2001 to 2003, the Belarus-Chernobyl Children’s Association, the Mitterrand Foundation, the Belgian “Chernobyl Children” Foundation, BELRAD Institute of Belarus, and Belarusian Gomel Province conducted a trial on 1,400 children from 13 schools in the Lovelansk region. During the first cycle, each child received pectin supplementation everyday. After five cycles, the results showed that children who took the apple pectin, had their radiation level reduced by 3 – 5 times. The trial supported the claim that apple pectin can remove heavy metals and radiation pollution from the body. The EFSA also showed that pectin can help stabilize the blood sugar and cholesterol.

anti radiation foods-anti radiation diet-apple pectin
anti radiation diet

Reference:Decorporation of Chernobyl Radionuclides Vassily B. Nesterenko and Alexey V. Nesterenko

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