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Why is Toxin the Real Culprit of Obesity?

Being proactive about self-care is the first step to living your best life. ProPectin is a great companion on your weight management journey. Our pharmaceutical grade apple pectin not only taste great, but it also helps curb your appetite while increasing your feeling of being full. You can count on our water-soluble nano-powder pectin that harnesses the nutrients and benefits, which would be the equivalent of consuming 9 apples.

When managing your weight, start the day off with 3 sachets before or in place of your daily meal. Be sure to check out our healthy shake recipes to help accompany you on your journey to healthier weight management.

Obesity is a result caused by the abnormal function of the body's detoxification organs such as the liver. When these organs are overworked due to large increments of heavy metal toxins in the body, it burdens the body to break down large amounts of toxins. As the triglycerides produced by the liver increases; fat synthesis will accelerate - leading to obesity.


Toxins such as heavy metals may contaminate us through air, water and food.

These toxins can easily accumulate in adipose tissue which exists in the brain, glands, nervous system, internal organs, muscles and bones. They also slow down fat metabolism, accelerate obesity, and lead to premature aging.


Heavy metals disrupt the balance of beneficial bacteria in the body, thereby affecting intestinal flora. These toxins slow down fat metabolism and accelerate obesity.

體重管理-Weight Management

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Apple pectin not only removes toxins such as heavy metals, but it can also be used as a prebiotics to support growth and activate the proliferation of intestinal flora, inhibit harmful bacteria, reduce obesity, and enhance immunity.

In addition, apple pectin can be combined with bile acids to absorb excess cholesterol and excrete it from the body, which helps to increase the viscosity of blood vessels and preventing high blood pressure, high blood lipids and high blood glucose.

ProPectin Apple Pectin

柏沛樂蘋果果膠-propectin apple pectin


High Blood Glucose

High Blood Lipid, High Blood Pressure, Vascular Obstruction and other Cardiovascular Diseases


Fatty Liver

Quick Q+A

Follow the instructions and the recommended daily dosage.  Be sure to keep up your water intake.  As an alternative to mixing it with water, ProPectin can also be blended into a smoothie to create a tasty nutrient rich drink. 

ProPectin’s fructose level is half that of a single apple. ProPectin contains 10 grams pharmaceutical-grade fructose (fruit sugar) per sachet. One regular apple contains around 20 grams of fructose.

Apple pectin has the ability to block carbohydrate absorption and helps maintain blood sugar levels. Bound to the pectin, sugars are kept in the gut and are blocked from absorption by the body. They are then naturally excreted from the body.