Maria’s 3 Step regimen towards Optimal Health.

Many choose to boost their health with supplements of food, medicines, and nutritional products, but Maria’s believes that “simply supplementing may do more harm than help.”

A comprehensive body detox is essential. Without fully understanding one’s personal health, individuals tend to rush in and overcompensate with supplements – causing serious blockage to an already obstructed system.

People often ask Maria to share her tips for staying healthy - so here we share her secret regimen for Optimal Health:

“Cleansing, Regulating, and Supplementing = Prevention.”

Cleansing, Regulating, and Supplementing

1. “Cleanse Toxins from the Body”

Cleanse, remove, and excrete toxins that affect the overall health of the body so that there is a clean foundation/environment for the body to absorb nutrients and flourish.

2. “Regulate Bodily Functions"

Following a detox, allow the body to regulate and gently transition to a normalized healthier state.

3. Supplement and Replenish with Balanced Nutrition

Once the body is ready to receive– supplement and replenish with the right nutrients providing the cells, organs, and body with the proper nutrition for optimal health.

Prevention is better than a Cure

To build up your body’s own defense against infection “Preventional Health Maintenance is critical.”

1. Why Remove? How do we Remove?  Learn More

Individuals accumulate many toxins each day. The main sources are external and internal.

External Factors: Pollutants such as heavy metals, residual pesticides in fruits and vegetables, hormones in meat, household cleaning chemicals, air pollution, smoking, etc.

Internal Factors: Stress, bad moods, poor digestive system, etc.

Among them, the largest source of toxicity come from the “stool” in the large intestines: 36 different toxins exist, making the intestines sensitive to inflammation which can lead to about 179 different diseases including skin allergies!

ProPectin Apple Pectin

After trying and comparing many different health products on the market, Maria found an effective detox that she could rely on! ProPectin’s water-soluble highly concentrated nano-formula has Maria’s approval.

It powerfully activates beneficial intestinal bacteria suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine. Multiple studies have shown that intestinal probiotics are effective in weight management in addition to boosting immune system functions, generating beneficial body-related nutrients while relaxing the hormones.

When apple pectin is converted into butyrate by intestinal probiotics, it exhibits "powerful anti-inflammatory" benefits, helping people with inflammation to regain their health (e.g., joints, skin, blood vessels, etc.). Butyrate also increases brain-derived neurotrophic factors, providing comprehensive support and slowing brain degeneration, while boosting health and repair.

"Free radicals" in the blood vessels: Free radicals cause the oxidation of cholesterol and neutral fats in the body and becomes lipid peroxidation. These substances can attach to the walls of blood vessels, clog them, make them brittle, or even become inflamed, thus triggering high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis, and even myocardial infarction or cerebral infarction.

The body's cells replicate and divide every day, DNA messages in the cells are copied. However, if there are too many free radicals, DNA which is affected by free radicals will be copied incorrectly, resulting in cancer cells or premature aging of cells.

ProPectin helps the body to expel toxins such as radiation and heavy metals that accumulate deep in the body’s cells and bones – rejuvenating the cells and making sure they are in their best shape!

Vascular Scavenger - Lipids / Blood Pressure

PoPectin effectively reduces glycosylated heme (HbA1c) and blood sugar, thereby reducing the glycation reaction and preventing inflammation in the body.

It reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL), excessive cholesterol to tissues, synthesizes and repairs cell membranes, reduces vascular channel obstruction, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and alleviates special heart symptoms.

After digestion, most of the carbohydrates will be converted into blood sugar by the body; ProPectin can slow down and block the absorption of carbohydrates, so that the body's blood sugar level does not rise sharply after meals. It can reduce glycosylated heme (HbA1c) and blood sugar, reducing the sharp rise and fall of blood sugar, suitable for those with blood sugar concerns.

2. Why Regulate? How do we Regulate?  Learn More

Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes the importance of regulating to maintain a Yin and Yang Balance.

Western Medicine focuses on regulating the Eight Systems of the Body: Blood Circulation, Digestive System, Respiratory System, Endocrine System, Nervous System, Motor System, Reproductive and Urinary Systems.

After the body cleanses it will require time to rejuvenate; immediate supplementing will only increase the burden causing the opposite effects. Allow the body to rest properly.

Regulating the Body: Regulation through Eating

Cleansing and detoxing require further follow up of regulating. A healthy diet combined with a mild detox will help to gently condition and adjust the body finding balance and fulfilling the needs of all systems in the body.

For example, individuals suffering from inflammation will be recommended to reduce/avoid refined starches (white rice, white sugar, white flour), MSG, food additives, heavy oil/high sugar/high fat foods that make inflammation worse. While increasing the intake of different varieties of healthy and natural foods such as fiber rich vegetables and fruits to gently regulate the body.

Maria often includes ingredients that are nourishing and nutritious - cooking dishes that are well balanced and healthy to share with her fans. Helping everyone to stay healthy while filling their zest for eating.

3. Why Supplement? How do we Supplement?  Learn More

Supplement and replenishment begins when the body is in a state ready to receive nourishment towards a balanced nutritional diet providing organ and cell nutrition. The core seven nutrients must be sustained so that the body can function in its optimal state.

Seven Essential Nutrients: protein, fat, water, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Nutritionists have proposed that the balance of the seven nutrients is difficult to maintain through a diet alone. The “right amount of nutrients must be supplemented.” Many chronic diseases are related to nutritional imbalances.

Today’s busy individuals need to pay more attention to the health of their blood vessels, joints, and eyes. Maria recommends to “supplement” the following nutrients that most people are likely to lack:

Deep Sea Fish Oil

450 Purity Tests/ Heart, Brain & Eye Health/Natural Triglycerides (TG) Omega 3

• Natural Triglyceride (TG) Structure for Easier Absorption
• After 450 times of Purity Inspection, and Quality Assurance
• Promotes Heart, Brain, Eye and Joint Health
• Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil
• Molecular Distillation to Ensure Purity
• Sourced from Sustainable Waters of the Peruvian Antarctic Deep Sea
• Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Sugar Free and contain no synthetic preservatives

Joint Support 360

Relieves Joint Pain / Mini Pills / Strengthens Mobility

• Rapid Pain Relief, Painless Joints
• Repairs Joint Abrasion
• Lubricates Joints and Prevents Recurrence
• Mini Pills – Easy to Swallow
• Strengthens Cartilage and Prevents Wear
• Improves Joint Flexibility and Elasticity
• Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Sugar Free and contain no synthetic preservatives

Bright Eyes V2

Anti-Blue Light / Dry Eyes / Fights Eye Fatigue

• Enhances Visual Brightness and Protects the Retina from Ultraviolet Rays and Blue Light
• Relieves Eye Fatigue and Protects Macular Cells
• Patent-Certified Astaxanthin and Carotenoids – Powerful Antioxidants
• Formulated with Nordic Wild Blueberries and Zinc
• Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Sugar Free and contain no synthetic preservatives

❖ Why Prevention? How do we Prevent?  Learn More

Prevention is better than a Cure.
Maintaining optimal health is essential to prevent infections of bacteria, and viruses. In order to do so, repeating the cleansing, regulating, and supplementing cycle is vital for the body’s organs and cells to function at their peak levels.