The Truth of Nutrition(3):Magical coconut oil?

coconut oil-is coconut oil healthy

In recent years, coconut oil and its products are in hot pursuit. It not only can effectively control weight, but also prevent osteoporosis, improve thyroid function, improve blood sugar control and even prevent cancer. After all, is coconut oil really so magical?   Coconut oil helps weight control? In fact, coconut oil also can cause […]

The Truth of Nutrition(2):The True of sport drinks

sport drinks

Sport drinks are dazzling on the market. Many people think sports drinks are healthy rather than soda drinks. However, are sports drinks really more healthy?   What is a sport drinks? Sport drinks are designed for people who engage in endurance sports (such as a marathon, football matches, etc.), which purpose is to supply the […]

Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium all found in a Crab, dare to eat it?

arsenic in food-mercury in food-cadmium in food

Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture found locally grown rice in the Fukushima region to contain high levels of Cesium and have since banned the sale of the product. Japanese love their seafood, so there has been much precaution when dealing with the food supply;A kindergarten in Fukushima have taken precautionary measures to ensure the health of […]